Lean UX Design

Validate your ideas for the product you want to develop - in a month.

Lean UX & UI Design for Startups

Validate your ideas for the product you want to develop - in a month.



By using the Lean Startup methodology, we go out into the public to truly grasp the needs of our target audience and form hypotheses. These hypotheses are then transformed into product features and flows. We can then define the scope of the MVP version of the product that the users will see.



After determining the structure, functions and flows of the MVP, we design the prototypes. Our prototypes will sometimes be structures that are representational, or be products that interactions with low-code or no-code platforms, rendering them ready to be tested.



In the validation stage we will be incorporating different techniques into the process to test the veracity of our hypotheses and chart the course for the MVP.

Lean Startup

Lean Startup processes actually closely resemble the product design and user experience design processes. We make use of this structure too.

Get Out of the Building

We go out into the public, try to acquaint ourselves with the people that our future product will touch and try to find out what their needs are.


We turn those needs into hypotheses.


We design a working or representational MVP to test those hypotheses.


We test the MVP with people within our target group.


At the end of the test, we validate our idea and start designing the actual product. If we are not able to validate it, we pivot and start the process over again.

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